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Natural Healing links/Important health information

Natural Healing Links/Important health information



Some good info on Acupressure, and Reflexology

Good sites about eating organically

About deadly high-frucose corn syrup

 Causes of Diabetes

 Butter vs. margarine

Great site on info on vaccines and other alternatives, exemptions, and more

Truth about vaccines

Info on ADHD, Autism, and other Disorders,,1687248,00.html

Throw out your microwave oven!

The mind blowing poisoning of americans

What's in the food we buy?'not_safe_for_use_in_humans'_to_be_fed_to_livestock_right_before_slaughter


Dangers of genetically modified foods


About Genetic Engineering and its dangers

Everything you need to know about dangerous genetically modified foods

Coming soon to a toxic farm near you! Genetically modified wheat.

"Growing concerns" over the marketing of tainted beef

Information on artificial sweeteners

The Deadly Neurotoxin Nearly EVERYONE Uses Daily...

Watch out forAminosweet!

Important info about Prozac, Zoloft, luvox, other serotonergic and drugs

If mainstream medicine works then why are so many americans unhealthy?

Parkinsons linked to pesticides

More on pesticides

Breaking news on A MUST READ

EPA bans home pesticides

Good natural magazines, and resorce guides

One of the best sites for supplements, herbs, Natural courses, and more

Cool alternative Christian web site

Good site on self healing

Massage insurance




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